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HGH CYCLE : What is Human Growth Hormone?


HGH CYCLE: Human growth hormone is a hormone that’s naturally produced by the pituitary gland in our body, and as implied by its name, it’s the hormone that’s responsible for the regeneration and growth of cells. In addition to increasing bone density and muscle mass, HGH plays a critical role in maintaining the health of tissues, including the ones found in vital organs such as the heart and the brain.

Although growth hormone only remains active in the blood for a few moments after secretion, it’s all the time the liver requires to transform it onto growth factors. Perhaps the most vital of such growth factors is IGF-1, a hormone with a molecular structure similar to insulin, and one which possesses a wide range of anabolic properties.

While the harvesting of human growth hormone from the pituitary glands of cadavers had begun in the 1950s, the first synthetic recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) wasn’t developed until 1981. After that, it didn’t take long for it to achieve widespread popularity as a performing-enhancing drug.

Why HGH is used in Bodybuilding ?

We’ve already touched upon the crucial role of HGH plays in the body’s growth, especially in adolescents. But what about individuals who have surpassed the age of physical growth? Can supplements such as HGH continue to spur muscle tissue growth?

The simple answer is: Yes, they can.

You see, taking HGH as a dietary supplement is perhaps the most effective way to provide your body with HGH. When direct HGH supplements or HGH alternatives are ingested, your body instantly seeks to grow the systems that are stressed. When you’re bodybuilding, your body immediately directs the active ingredients of the human growth hormone supplement to the stressed muscles, where they instantly start to augment the growth of muscle connections and density.

Now that we’ve provided a basic overview of how HGH supplements help bodybuilders to rapidly build muscles, let’s take a look at how HGH supplements work at a deeper physiological level. We’ve already established that HGH is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland in our body, and also that excess amounts of HGH in the body lead to the liver secreting another powerful anabolic hormone known as IGF-1.

Now, this is a good time to tell you that IGF-1 is the Holy Grail for bodybuilders. While it’s true that IGF-1 is naturally produced by our body, the fact is that the amount created is only enough to help our body function and grow at a normal rate. Supplementary HGH, on the other hand, promotes excess secretion of IGF-1.

The obvious advantage of your body producing excess IGF-1 is that your muscle cells grow much faster compared to when your body produces regular amounts of IGF-1.

muscle arms
Additional Benefits of HGH
In addition to increasing muscle density and improving weight loss, HGH provides a variety of other health benefits when taken in small doses. These range from general recovery to igniting the anti-age process. Here are some of the prominent benefits of HGH treatment:

Improved Fracture Healing
A variety of hormones and local growth factors are responsible for the regulation of bone and mineral metabolism and fracture healing. Recent medical research suggests that administering HGH can speed up the process of bone regeneration. Furthermore, the application of growth factors, such as the IGF-1, is known to be a good stimulant for bone metabolism.

HGH expedites healing and plays a vital role in the healing of wounds and injuries. According to research, HGH significantly enhances the repair of wear and tear. The University of California’s Department of Medicine recently conducted a controlled, randomized and double-blinded HGH therapy study. The study was 6 months long and the goal was to find if administering HGH could enhance the healing process among individuals with low baseline IGF-1 secretion levels. The results of the study revealed that administering HGH significantly improved the deposition of collagen during the healing process, thereby enhancing the body’s overall ability to heal. If you’re interested in learning more about HGH’s healing properties, check out our article about HGH healing properties!

Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Adults who suffer from Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) are more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. In a Swedish medical study conducted in 1993, 104 GHD patients were studied for the risk of cardiovascular disease. Compared to controls, the patients were found to have higher concentrations of triglycerides and higher body mass. These findings indicate that GHD alters lipoprotein metabolism, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Dosage and Administration of HGH Drugs

Hgh cycle : First, you have to know that Human growth hormone is normally taken in milligrams or IUs. So, what’s this ratio? 1 mg is about 3 IUs. Don’t confuse the amount of milligram is the same as iu, and vice versa.

When it comes to taking HGH is a bodybuilding supplement, knowing the right dosage and the best ways of administering the drug can help you get the maximum out of the hormone’s vast benefits, while avoiding its potential side-effects.

For adult-onset GHD patients, the recommended daily dosage is typically between 1 and 3 IU. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, require a higher dosage. The typical daily HGH dosage of a bodybuilder is between 1 and 6 IU, with 2 to 4 IU being the average dosage. Bodybuilders typically take HGH for a span of 6 to 24 weeks.

Most bodybuilders take HGH supplements during intense weeks of training. While this method is effective to a certain extent, HGH supplements produce the best results when they’re taken during moderate to long periods of rest.

Administering HGH supplements while resting allows for maximum strength returns and even reduces the required recovery period between workout sessions.

Most experts state that the best time to administer supplement is right before you sleep. Our body secretes the highest amount of hormones during sleep, and supplementary HGH can augment the effect of naturally produced hormones, speeding up muscle growth and development.


The Side Effects of HGH

Hgh cycle : When it comes to adverse side-effects and overdosing dangers of HGH supplements, there really aren’t many. We’ve already established that HGH is already being naturally created by your body, and as the majority of the best HGH supplements are made with natural ingredients, consuming them in appropriate quantities is no more hazardous than consuming protein supplements or amino acid complex.

However, it’s important to stress that it’s only natural HGH supplements that don’t have any notable side-effects. It’s not the same story with synthetic HGH supplements that have been formulated in labs. While most natural HGH supplements come in the form of pills, synthetic and lab-produced HGH products are mostly administered through injections.

There are numerous side-effects that have been associated with the excess use of synthetic HGH. These include:

  • Joint, muscle or nerve pain
  • High levels of cholesterol
  • Increased risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • Tingling and numbing of skin
  • Risk of cancerous tumor growth
  • Acromegaly – abnormal growth of hands, feet and facial features
  • Enlargement of the heart
  • Low blood sugar levels
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Liver damage
  • Gynecomastia – enlarged breasts in males

While some synthetic HGH products can result in faster muscle gains, you’ll be lucky if you don’t experience at least one of the aforementioned side effects.


Months 1 to 6

. HGH 4 TO 6IU per day.

Months 3 to 6

. HGH 6IU per day

. Testosterone Cypionate 400mg per week

. Testosterone Enanthate 400mg per week


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