MAIN SUBSTANCE : Testosterone Suspension

CATEGORY : Injectable steroid


DOSAGE : 350-1000mg/week

PACKAGE :  100mg/ml × 5 amps

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BP Aquatest (Testosterone Suspension) is an injectable steroid containing the pure Testosterone hormone, with no attached ester. The producing company of this steroid is Balkan Pharmaceuticals. The amp contains testosterone and excipients such as water and sodium chloride.

Among bodybuilders, BP Aquatest is known as an extreme mass agent and is one of the most powerful injectable steroids available at the moment on the market. The effect of this steroid is shown in rapid gains of muscles and strength. This happens because Aquatest is a very fast acting drug, it enters the blood immediately after being injected. Compared with other testosterone-based steroids like enanthate and cypionate, which need weeks to reach maximum levels in the blood, with suspension it is just a matter of days. The effects of using Aquatest (Testosterone Suspension) is seen much more quickly than enanthate and cypionate.

Normally, in the first 3-4 weeks of using Test Suspension, you will see tremendous progress. The results are really awesome but we need not forget about the diet and problems with the water retention. It is hard to control it during the cycle and that’s why the product is recommended to be used by more experienced users and who rad carefully the instructions on how properly it should be used

The BP Aquatest is one of the most used steroid during the cycle by performance athletes. It is used more for its proprieties of recovery and muscle endurance. With other test esters, you receive energy to train harder in gyms but after that, the muscle needs time for recovery. With Aquatest (Testosterone Suspension) you are not so tired, and you want to train more and more. And that it is not all, it has a short detection time, it can be detected in the first 48 hours after the injection made.

Aquatest- injectable testosterone suspension dissolved in water. The drug helps to increase rapidly muscle mass and strength, muscle growth, increases aggression and stamina during your workout. Many athletes prefer to use it during cutting cycles because it acts immediately after injection and has very high anabolic effect.

Also injectable BP Aquatest (Testosterone Suspension) is very popular among bodybuilders who prepare for competitions as the drug has a unique feature- very short half-life, it means that it doesn’t stay in the body for too long, in some cases it is not found already after 1 day!


When testosterone suspension is used for therapeutic benefits – the product is recommended to be used anywhere between 25 to 50 mg per injection. The dosage protocol should be followed 2 to 3 times a week. However, since the half life is considered to be maximum 24 hours or even less, when the product is taken for enhancing performance or/ and physique, athletes choose to inject it at least every other day. But most commonly, Aquatest (testosterone suspension) is used on a daily basis. Some athletes choose to use as much as 200 mg per day, but this increases the risk of getting side effects so that’s not a recommended practice.

Most often testosterone suspension is used in a cycle that is going to last anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. This period is enough to offer the user amazing results, especially since testosterone suspension use is offering very quick results. Very often, the product is used as a part of stack. But generally it is recommended to cycle with BP Aquatest (Testosterone Suspension)100 (testosterone suspension) for no longer than 6 weeks.


Testosterone side effects include: estrogenic side effects: high blood pressure, gynecomastia and water retention; androgenic side effects: acne, hair loss, unwanted body hair, aggression etc.; cardiovascular and cholesterol side effects as well as virilization in women.

Side effects disappear as soon as the testosterone is flushed out of the system. Side effects appearance and intensity directly depends on your genetics (how well you respond to its use), dosage and a number of factors.







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