MAIN SUBSTANCE : Fluoxymesterone

CATEGORY : Oral steroid


DOSAGE : 20-40mg/week

PACKAGE :  10mg/tab × 100 tabs

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BP Halotestin Fluoxymesterone (known as halotest) is a derivative of testosterone. Halotestin is providing a well needed androgenic component, helping to promote more solid and defined gain in muscle mass. It is good to be mixed with Testosterone Enanthate, in the result should be exceptional stack for strength and muscle gain. It can also increase protein anabolism, decrease protein catabolism and leads to positive nitrogen balance. BP Halotestin has many ideal futures for athletes, it is not converting into estrogen, it is rapidly acting and can lead to significant improvement in exercise performance. As well is famous because is giving you aggression and strength during work out.

When it comes to pure, raw steroidal power, there is nothing on this earth quite like BP Halotestin; without a doubt, when it comes to increasing strength, Halotestin is the answer. A testosterone derived anabolic steroid, while structurally similar to testosterone it acts in a manner that is more Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) like; however, there’s no DHT based steroid that can compare. An anabolic steroid that can almost be labeled as insanely powerful, Halo as it’s commonly known won’t really do anything in-regards to promoting mass; in-fact, it really won’t do anything at all. Even so, when it comes to strength there is no anabolic steroid on earth that can promote such a dramatic increase in strength at such a rapid rate; there’s really nothing magical about anabolic steroids, but when it comes to this steroid’s strength increasing abilities “magical” is almost the best way to describe it.

As a primary strength steroid, the primary strength steroid you will almost always find this steroid to be in high demand among strength athletes; power lifters and competitive weight lifters, and of course, performance athletics. It really doesn’t have a purpose in every day gym rat circles; there are simply other steroids that will promote what such individuals are looking for with far greater efficiency. Even so, for the competitive bodybuilder we can make an exception; Halotestin can be a very good pre-contest anabolic due to its conditioning effects. For this purpose, you’ll need to already be very lean; we’re talking about contest ready lean. If this is the case, a few weeks of use at most will harden the physique tremendously, and it can even help remove some of those stubborn fatty areas that may be hanging on for dear life.

Benefits of Halotest Steroid:
· Increase rapidly strength

· Increasing aggression, so during work out you will be more effective and qualitative

· Increase the structure and the mass of red cell blood


A typical Halotestin cycle lasts 4-6 weeks, although most users settle with 4 weeks as they deem it less risky.

Ensure not to exceed the 40 mg per week mark. In fact, 20 mg per week is sufficient for most users while experienced users can add an extra 10mg just prior to their competition’s kick-off. In short, for most, 20-40mg per week of Halotestin delivers the ample results in the safest and most efficient way.






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