MAIN SUBSTANCE :  Follistatin 344

CATEGORY : Peptide


DOSAGE : 100-200mcg/day

PACKAGE :  1mg/ml × 10ml

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Follistatin 344 is fascinating protein that can increase muscle mass beyond natural potential by suppressing myostatin. Scientists first identified follistatin while examining porcine follicular fluid in the ovaries

Follistatin 344 significantly increases growth and strength of muscles by blocking Myostatin (GDF-8 – a protein inhibiting muscle growth). Follistatin-344 seems to be a very promising Myostatin inhibitor, possessing a sufficient safety profile.

Follistatin 344 is also a perfect choice for those sportsmen who cannot exercise on a regular basis any longer or for those who stopped exercising, but they still want to stay in shape, having a huge muscle mass. It has been proved, that the less strenuous muscle load and the less physical activity is, the higher concentration of Myostatin is reached.

Follistatin 344 Follistatin (also known as activin-binding protein) is an autocrine glycoprotein encoded by the FST gene that is expressed in nearly all tissues. Its primary function in the body is bioneutralization of members of the TGF-β superfamily, with a particular focus on activin and paracrine hormones.

Follistatin is a potent Moystatin inhibitor. An original Follistatin 344 acted also as an activin inhibitor, which on the other hand stimulates the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone – FSH (activin regulates the growth and differentiation of all cell types, including cells within sexual glands, pituitary gland and skeletal muscles). Therefore, scientists developed a particular Follistatin (Follisttain 344) that is derived from the original one and that is capable of blocking preferentially Moystatin activity.


At the beginning, one must know that Follistatin is not a drug recommended for women as it may have a negative impact on the work of ovaries. For advanced athletes and bodybuilders, the doses should contain from 100 to 200 micrograms of Follistatin a day. The doses should be administered once a day for the following 10 to 30 days, however the ideal dose should be taken every third day.


It has been reported within bodybuilding community that Follistatin may cause soreness of the muscles or swelling. Some of the users also notices slight weakening of ligaments and tendons. Most common side effects are redness in the injection area.







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