CATEGORY : Peptide


DOSAGE : 200-400mcg/day

PACKAGE : 10mg/ml  × 10ml

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Hexarelin is known as one of the strongest Growth Hormone (GH) ever launched in the market till now. Regular dosages of this product are found to enhance the natural production of the GH in the user’s body to a great extent as compared to other product of the same category.

There are many manufacturers of Hexarelin is present around the world. But, the greatest product ever created and still present in the market is of the manufacturer Bio-Peptide. Their products are found to produce the desired result in the human body within few weeks of use.

Benefits of Hexarelin

For those looking for some growth in the overall body mass and stamina, they will be pleased to hear that this product has the potential to fulfill this goal.
The recovery timing of the athletes play a vital role in their overall performance. This product enhances the recovery rate of the user. So, the person is able to perform more exercise within shorter time period.
For the athlete looking forward to some cutting programs, it can help them to achieve this goal. It is a great supplement to enhance the metabolism of the users and promotes fat burning.


The recommended dosages of this product are 200 mcg to 400 mcg per day. But, it will be better to consult an expert physician before using this product as the dosages varies from person to person.

GHRP-6 is most commonly provided in small vials of 5 mg, which should be stored under refrigeration. (It is acceptable however for them to be mailed unrefrigerated.) The vial is diluted with a convenient volume of sterile or bacteriostatic water. For example, the vial might be diluted with 2.5 mL of water, yielding a solution of 2 mg/mL (2000 mcg/mL.) After the water addition, the vial again will be stored under refrigeration.

When dosing, an appropriate volume will be drawn from the vial with (typically) an insulin syringe, according to the desired dose and the concentration of the preparation. In the above example, a 100 mcg dose would require only 0.05 mL, or “5 IU” as marked on an insulin syringe. A 300 mcg would require 0.15 mL, or “15 IU” as marked on an insulin syringe.Injection may be subcutaneous, according to personal preference.

Dosing will ordinarily be at least twice per day and preferably 3x/day for best effect, taken at least 30-60 minutes before a meal and at a time of non-elevated blood sugar (in other words, after blood sugar has had time to fall since the most recent meal.) The amount taken generally will be from 50-300 mcg at a time. When using a GHRH along with GHRP-6, dosing should be reduced to 50-100 mcg at a time.GHRP-6 can effectively provide substantial increases in GH production. It’s typically taken 2-3 times per day by injection at times when blood sugar is not elevated. Cost is generally moderate. The only common potential adverse side effect is increased hunger. Common alternates include GHRP-2, hexarelin, ipamorelin, or GH itself. GHRP-6 also may provide benefits which GH does not, via its action at the ghrelin receptor in various tissues of the body.


Before you buy Hexarelin, it is important to exclude contraindications and define the possible side effects of the peptide. As a side effect a local reaction in the form of a burning sensation may appear. Usually it disappears within few minutes after the peptide administration. Since the probability of complications or side effects is minimal the peptide can be used even as treatment for the children.










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