MEDITECH TURINABOL 10MG (4-Chlorodehydromethyl-Testosterone) 100 tablets


MEDITECH TURINABOL 10MG (4-Chlorodehydromethyl-Testosterone) 100 tablets

MAIN SUBSTANCE : 4-Chlorodehydromethyl-Testosterone

CATEGORY : Oral steroid


DOSAGE : 20-40 per day

PACKAGE : 10mg/tab x 100 tablets

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MEDITECH TURINABOL 10MG (4-Chlorodehydromethyl-Testosterone) 100 tablets


Oral Meditech turinabol 10mg is actually a version of methandrostenolone with extra chlorine atom in the fourth position. Hence the official name of turinabol is 4-chloro-alpha-Dihydromethyltestosteron. This upgrade has made the drug practically non-aromatized. Even more, turinabol metabolites very quickly leave the body, making huge advantage against the threat of doping tests.

Like the vast majority of oral AAS oral Meditech turinabol 10mg is 17-alpha alkylated, thus is potentially harmful to the liver. However, negative impact on the liver was not reported even after prolonged use.

Oral turinabol sufficiently resembles methandrostenolone not only on the structure of the molecule but the action of both drugs is also very similar. Tbol produces less gains, but this is “quality”, lean mass and also it produces less side effects. Despite Meditech turinabol 10mg does not aromatize and is quite mild drug, prolonged usage may cause the suppression of secretion of endogenous testosterone but at much lesser extent comparing to methandrostenolone (dianabol) and it’s easily rejuvenated.


  • Results without weight gain (this is advantageous in sports where you are trying to make weight or compete in a certain weight class)
  • Tighter muscles without a puffy look
  • Increase in strength
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Ability to strongly bind to SHBG
  • Increase in free testosterone
  • Low-Side Effects.


Tbol is 17-alpha-alkylated (17aa) to survive the first pass through the liver. You need to be very careful when stacking it with other oral steroids at moderate to high dosages due to potential kidney, liver issues. This means you must use a liver/kidney support supplement with it, such as N2Guard. I suggest sticking to a maximum two (2) orals per 6 weeks regiment and never stacking more than two (2) oral-steroids at a time. Although tbol generally has less side effects than other AAS, it should still be respected, as it is a powerful hormone.


20-40mg per day.





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