MAIN SUBSTANCE :  Trenbolone base, Testosterone base, Stanozolol

CATEGORY : Injectable

MANUFACTURER : Pharmacom Labs

DOSAGE : 1-2ml/day

PACKAGE :  100mg/ml × 10ml

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PHARMA Mix 5 from Pharmacom Labs is a drug with a steroid profile based on a unique mixture of suspensions (stanozolol, trenbolone, testosterone). Available in the form of injection liquid in ampoules of 1 ml in volume and with a dosage of 100 units of the active substance in each.

PharmaMix 5 PharmaCom Labs has a short half-life (up to five hours after injection), which causes a high frequency of injections. But due to the high biological activity of the suspensions of the
components, the optimum result from the intake is achieved much faster and more efficiently.

Effects of taking

The fastest possible set of high-quality muscle mass without accumulation of fat deposits and water;
Accelerated utilization of fat deposits on the background of a calorie-deficient diet;
Increased libido;
The beneficial effect on the health of the joints and ligaments, increasing the overall recovery of the body between exertion;
An increase in prolactin is possible (control of its level is required).


Optimally, the cycle Pharma Mix 5 should last about 6-8 weeks. Drugs are included in the work “to the fullest” instantly, therefore, the necessary processes of anabolism of muscle tissue or catabolism of adipose tissue will go almost instantly.

Since the preparations in the mix are presented in the form of a suspension, Pharma Mix-5 should be taken several times a day. Ideally – 3. In the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. So you can achieve the most even background concentration of substances in the blood. Hormonal “failures” should not be allowed, so the more often the better. Daily dosage of the drug – 1-2 ml.

On the cycle, do not forget to control the level of prolactin and estradiol, so you can avoid the occurrence of side effects (decreased libido, growth of the mammary glands, etc.


The use of a composite steroid with a powerful effect on the body requires special attention to the possible manifestation of side effects. The main danger is the high androgenic activity of all components, which can lead to the development of:

increased greasiness of the skin.

Given that such complex courses as Pharma Mix-5, take, as reviews show, for the most part, athletes with considerable experience, preventive measures help to avoid the vast majority of unpleasant consequences. The increased trauma of the joints associated with taking stanozolol can be avoided, since, due to testosterone, enough synovial fluid gets into the joint bag.







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