MAIN SUBSTANCE : Triiodothyronine

CATEGORY : Fat burner


DOSAGE : 25-75 mcg once a day

PACKAGE :  50mcg/tab × 100 tablets

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Pharmacom T3 is a quality pharmacological fat-burning drug that has been proven by practice and is used in competitive bodybuilding and fitness. In the sports community, it is often called “T3”. It is also known as “thyroxin” or “T4”. In essence, there is practically no difference between them. In all cases, the active substance of these drugs are “triiodothyronine.” It may also be referred to as “liothyronine.”

By the nature of its origin, this active substance is a biologically active form of the main thyroid hormone. One of its key properties is the ability to quickly burn adipose tissue. It is for these purposes that it is used in the fitness and bodybuilding community. As a fat burner, the drug is capable of giving a significant head start to a multitude of other sports facilities of this category.

Pharmacom T3 effects

If you properly organize the reception, it has a positive effect on the athlete’s body:

speeds up the metabolism – due to the effect of the hormone on the body, improves metabolism, which in turn contributes to the
breakdown of fats;
increases efficiency – this property makes liothyronine special among other fat burners;
stimulation of the central nervous system – allows you to reduce appetite and speed up the regeneration after exercise.

How it works?

The mechanism of its effect on the body is in many ways similar to the so-called “thermal subdivisions” or “thermogenic” fat burners. The principle of their operation is based on increasing heat production (heat production, body temperature), as a result of which the metabolism is accelerated and the total calorie consumption increases, which is achieved due to the oxidation of fat cells. Subjectively, the athlete feels a powerful surge of strength against a background of reduced appetite. The use of thyroxine is allowed by both men and women. T3 does not belong to the category of anabolic steroids. Properly selected dosages help you quickly get the results you want.


Increased body temperature. This is temporary, and is caused by the acceleration of metabolism. Frequent visits to the restroom and yellow color of feces – this is how fat sometimes escapes from the body in horror.
Backdoor is not always bad. The positivity of this drug is that it improves the quality of the mitochondria responsible for endurance. They oxidize and increase ATP concentration. In addition, this drug is less dangerous than a variety of low-calorie diets that bring the work of the body systems to extreme power. In total at the cellular level you will turn into a titanium.







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