DOSAGE : 4-16iu per day

PACKAGE :  10iu × 10 vials

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Riptropin is an injectable component that is designed to supplement the natural growth hormone in the body. Ideal for people born with the deficiency or in need of higher levels of the natural growth hormone, Riptropin is a high performance component that functions in the same capacity as the natural growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in the body which improves body functions.

It is ideal for deficiencies in natural hormone or when above normal levels of growth hormones are needed. These restoring effects of Riptropin makes it valuable in the treatment of burns, Turner’s syndrome and critical in organ transplantation. In cases of natural growth hormone deficiencies where victims suffer from depression, the growth hormone restores muscle and bone strength, removes excess body fats and lowers the cholesterol levels leading to a healthier life.

In children and adults,Riptropin high growth hormone supplements the natural growth hormone thus fostering a favorable body stature
by enhancing muscle development and lowering body fat levels.To children producing lower levels of the natural growth hormone, Riptropin is used to counter stalled growth which results in normal growth. When adults natural growth hormone production declines, Riptropin provides a much needed relief from the resulting increase in body weight, loss in muscle mass, loss in skin elasticity and wrinkles ensuring that the user look younger than their age.

Riptropin comes in the form of a white powder packaged in a vial which might appear like small particles or caked. The dosage depends on the intended use which is determined by the prescribing physician. When beginning the treatment, a patient is advised to start with a lower dosage than the recommended and increase it steadily until they get to the prescribed dosage. At home, Riptropin is easy to store because it can be kept at room temperature or refrigerated provided it does not come in contact with direct sunlight. To apply Riptropin appropriately, it must be diluted. If dilution is done with sterile water, usage must occur within three days but for bacteriostatic water, it remains safe to use even after ten day have elapsed.

Riptropin is the productname of a Hong Kong based manufacturer of human growth hormones. This product is well known for its high quality standards and best price. Used by people all over the world, Riptropin worked its way up to the top of the top somatropin products available nowadays on the market.


Average dose: 4IU to 16IU.

Women dosage : 2iu per day.

For the beginner the dosage is from 4IU to 8IU per day.

For advanced users the dosage is from 8IU to 16IU.

Cycle of use: injections with 2 days pause every 6 days.


The possible side effects are: vision problems, muscle and joints pains, vomiting, severe stomach pains, tiredness, dry skin, headache, increased urination and other. It can cause kidney and liver problems.







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