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Stilnox 10 is a brand of Zolpidem that is available in 10mg form. The purpose of Stilnox 10mg is to facilitate normalcy in the lives of those suffering from insomnia by not only inducing sleep, but also by promoting restfulness through maintaining the induced state of slumber. This is achieved through communication with special areas of the brain, which then compels the body to rest.

If you are struggling to get restful sleep, then you may want to consider Stilnox as a solution to get some normalcy in your life. Stilnox is a simple treatment that helps your body get accustomed to a regular sleep schedule during treatment, and the effects can last even after the course of treatment has been completed.

While it traditionally requires a prescription, it is now possible to purchase Stilnox online without having to get one.

Recommended Stilnox Dosage

Stilnox 10mg is not intended for continuous treatment, and it is expected to be used only for severe sleep disorders. These disorders include:

Acute insomnia – This form of insomnia is typically caused by a one-off stressful event and is known to last up to a few weeks. In many cases, this type of insomnia goes away on its own, however, it can become more severe, which is when medical assistance such as that provided by Stilnox becomes necessary.
Transient Insomnia – Transient insomnia, like the acute type, also lasts for up to several weeks. It is usually the result of some factor that does not form a part of your typical day. These are factors such as anxiety about an upcoming milestone, stress associated with important things such as job interviews, jet lag, or an erratic sleep pattern that deviates from the norm.
Both these types of insomnia usually clear up on their own. The reason Stilnox 10mg is so effective when they do not is because it is a powerful medication that has a treatment window of up to four weeks. This short-term treatment schedule is perfect for the types of insomnia that usually have shorter spells associated with them.

Administration of Stilnox

First, please note that regardless of which of the two conditions above is present, the dosage of Stilnox 10mg remains the same. Second, Stilnox is only intended for adults, and under no circumstances should it be used to treat these conditions in those under the age of 18 years.

Stilnox is to be administered to the body in 5 to 10 mg doses depending on several factors. Of course, the 5mg dose requires a tablet to be split in half. A healthy adult male should be administered 10mg of Stilnox at a time. Females, those over 65 years of age, and those who are ailing from known liver issues, should instead use 5mg. The difference in dosage is to account for Zolpidem clearance and absorption in the body. The male anatomy allows for an easier clearance, while females and those who fall into the other indicated categories have a slower clearance rate.

Whatever the circumstances may be, the maximum dosage per day of Stilnox 10mg should be taken in one go. It is to be taken prior to sleep when the user does not expect to awaken for the next seven to eight hours. Also, a meal is required either with or prior to administration of Stilnox to the body.

Stilnox Side Effects

Like most drugs on the market, Stilnox 10mg has potential side effects to those who utilize it. These can be segmented into common, and rare side effects. The common side effects include:

Abdominal or back pain
Nausea with or without vomiting
Increase in nightmares
Muscle weakness
All these side effects are normal and are not cause for alarm as they disappear soon after the short treatment process has ended. Less common side effects that may be a cause for concern include:

Short term memory loss
Engaging in activities whilst in an apparent state of slumber such as food preparation, walking, or having conversation
You should seek medical attention immediately if you experience any of these very rare, but dangerous side effects such as:

Swelling in the face or mouth that results in breathing issues
Those side effects indicate an allergic reaction to Stilnox and require immediate attention by trained medical personnel.

Stilnox has helped many persons gain restful sleep after treatment and it can do the same for you.

What Is Ambien and What Is It Used For?

Ambien is a form of medicine that contains Zolpidem Tartrate, and it is intended short term use in the treatment of persons that have difficulties falling asleep. While there are other forms of insomnia, this type is the focus of Ambien.

Falling asleep should not be a hassle as it is a basic bodily function. Your comfort should not be hampered by an inability to do so and it is time for you to take control of your sleep.





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