CATEGORY : Injectable steroid


DOSAGE : 200-400mg/week

PACKAGE : 50mg/ml  × 5 amps

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BP Strombaject Aqua (stanozolol) is the trade name of the one of the most famous steroids that is currently available on the market better known as Winstrol with the active substance Stanozolol and since it comes in injectable form – Stanozolol Depot. Being one of the most famous product and one of the most used products in the world – Strombaject Aqua (stanozolol) is offered by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (manufacturer of Strombaject) for a cheap price and excellent quality.

By purchasing this injectable steroid from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, you can expect to get a pack of 10 ampules with 1 ml each ampule (50 mg per ml) of Stanozolol. So, although Stanozolol is mostly used orally – Strombaject Aqua (stanozolol)is coming in injectable form. This steroid is considered to be one of the mildest steroids currently available. Although it might become dangerous if abused – Stanozolol, or as is known by its trade name – Winstrol (or slang name – winny),is widely used because it has an extremely favorable side effects / effectiveness ratio.

This product is mostly used in the bodybuilding world (and fitness enthusiasts as well as models) as a cutting agent. Strombaject Aqua (stanozolol) is most often used by those people who want to cut weight – to look lean and ripped while preserving muscle mass. It is important to understand that this product won’t offer immediate results as seen with other steroids, instead – this compound is mostly used for those who need long lasting results. The noticeable results are coming slower, but they last longer. Compared to other steroids’ effects, which last only a few weeks after the cycle – the results out of using Strombaject last a long time.


It is important to understand that Stanozolol Cycle can be very different depending on your needs. BP Strombaject Aqua (stanozolol) is a very versatile product and this means that there are different uses and different cycles (dosage protocols) that you can choose from.

Strombaject Aqua (stanozolol), as it was mentioned, is coming in form of intramuscular injection. When Stanozolol is coming in oral form, the half life is 9 hours and that’s why most people decide to split the dosage. However, when is being given in form of injectable – Stanozolol half life is 24 hours. For this reason, people tend to use inject it once daily or even once every other day. But in order to keep stable blood levels – it is recommended to use it once daily – preferably at the same time.

Injectable Stanozolol (Strombaject) is not recommended for women’s use. If you need Stanozolol, is better to resort to oral form.

BP Strombaject Aqua (stanozolol) should be used anywhere between 200 mg to 400 mg weekly and this means approximately 25-50 mg (quarter or half of an ampule) per day. Doses higher than 400 mg weekly have high side effects chances. This steroid can be stacked with other anabolic/ androgenic steroids (AAS) but keep low doses.

If you want to build lean muscle tissue, Stanozolol injectable stacks very well with testosterone. There are other stacks as well.


Like in case of any anabolic steroid stanozolol may cause side effects. If you notice any side effects from the use of this drug it is recommended to reduce the dose until these disappear. The most common side effects that usually do not require medical attention because they disappear after a couple of days of therapy are the following:

• Changes in mood, depression, insomnia;

• Headache;


• Swelling of ankles;


• Persistent and frequent erections;








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